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Moped style - is back

Marley + Zipee
Marley's Mellow Moods

Business 2 Business

Organic Butchers - Maida Vale
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HSBC Start-up Stars 2008
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Pay with Paypal Buyer Protection only £899
Free UK mainland [England] delivery - set up 'ready 2 ride'

ZiPee - Charge itfor 4-6 hours, ride for 30 miles*

Low Carbon Transport - Make the switch - NOW!
Julian Marley - "Eco travel it's the future"

Change the way you travel
- Watch the video below

£899 - Low Carbon trasnsportation

zipee at temple

ZiPee's Green Travel Plan
ZiPee teams up with Brent council launch their Green travel plan at the Temple in Neasden. Ideal use a ZiPee for commuting, traveliing or short trips - an incredible cheap alternative to the car



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